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Previously task managers were extremely famous and crucial for the android systems till GINGERBREAD version of Android. As it was necessary to free up the ram and clean the background apps to increase the RAM , improve CPU performances and specially preventing the battery drainage . There were many popular apps for that, best suited for the task. 

Later this changed, thanks to the pre-installed task manager by the android itself. This excluded the need of separate applications. This was done after the Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich was introduced. Now, the latest Android system does not require any such apps for the same. Even if you install them, they will be redundant to your use and they themselves will consume the battery. 

But, if you still need the task manager for device given that you are using a old phone with Android version lesser than android 4.0 then following are the current best task manager apps for Android. Let’s check them one by one.

Clean Master:

This is the best task manager app with regards to the OS you use as I’m saying this you must know that it is also available on iPhone and Windows. Keeping that aside, let’s focus on the android version of it. This app provides you the options to clean the ram and kill the apps running in the background. This makes your phone faster. Also, it has the option to clean the cache memory. This is quite helpful as it saves your storage space.


One of the best task managers for the PC is also available for your android phone now. It is easy to use and the UI is also simple. It has the option to clean ram and kill the background apps. Also, you get cache cleaner. You can also keep it as a widget on your home screen for faster usage. The booster widget is the best this app has introduced. As you can just swipe to clean the cache and kill apps.

Greenify and servicely:

There is a tie here for the third spot as both apps are of similar quality and also the UI of both the apps is quite the same. Similar to the other task manager apps here also you get app killer and cache cleaner. The battery saver feature in these apps is an added advantage. Also, you can schedule the apps and use data capping on certain apps to prevent battery and data usage.

Advanced Task Manager: 

Just like its name the advanced Task Manager is a straightforward task manager app. This app provides you with the light on system app and doesn’t take to much space. Whereas, it’s features include , background apps killer, cache memory cleaner, battery saver and also the data usage monitoring to save your data usage. This app is pretty similar to the androids own task manager. 


The best ever task manager app. Its name direct and its work is direct. This is an ancient app. As the UI is very old school and simple. Similar to the pre-installed task manager app of the Android system. This app allows you to end the apps one by one or all of them at the same time. The cache cleaning and data monitoring are also available. The UI of this app looks like a scientific monitor which makes it cool for some people. 

So, friends these are the best task mananger apps we have ever used or tried. Actually, you do need any of these apps for device as most of the people have the latest Android versions. The android version above android 4.0 are saved from these apps. And for those who have old devices. You can download any of the above given app for the job. 

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