Android 11: Public Beta Version is Finally Available

Android 11, the next major update to the Google OS, is finally available in public beta for those who have the pioneer fiber… and a Pixel smartphone.

As often, access to the beta as soon as it is released is reserved for the latest models of smartphones stamped Google. In the case of Android 11, these are Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4.

Redesigned notifications

This first beta of Android 11 carries with it most of the new features that should be found on many smartphones next year. The big project this year is the notification system, and more specifically the notifications linked to messaging, which Google wants to completely rethink.

At first, your messaging conversations can now be displayed in “bubbles” – just like on Facebook Messenger. More generally, notifications relating to conversations will now appear in a separate section of the notification panel so as not to be buried under other themes.

And since we are talking about messaging: Google announces that the suggestions of keyboards on Android would improve. In particular when the user uses certain applications allowing automatic filling ( password managers in particular). From now on, this type of application will be integrated more simply into the heart of Gboard, ” and works without Google ever seeing  what you write  ” specifies the web giant on his blog.

Confidentiality in the spotlight

As has been the case for several years, Google and Apple have made a point of strengthening the confidentiality of their users’ data on their respective OS. With Android 11, Google is launching a single-use authorization system to grant access to your microphone, your location or your contacts, for example. In other words: each time the application needs to access this data, it will have to ask for your permission again.

Google also says that if you don’t use an app for an extended period (unspecified), Android will reset your permissions, and all apps will need to be granted access to your location/contacts/calendar again.

A more accessible connected home

Another major aspect of Android 11: the ignition button on your smartphone turns into a control hub for the connected home . Rest assured: the button still allows you to turn off or restart your smartphone, but also shows a myriad of options related to smart devices that you may have nearby.

The music playback API is also improving, making it possible to swap the sound of the smartphone very quickly on a connected device available nearby – directly from the notifications panel.

Available now, Android 11 can be installed by people who joined the operating system beta program. If you want to sign up, go to the official Google program site.

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