10 reasons to (re) play Final Fantasy IX

The world of video games is filled with information that even the biggest fans may not have remembered. The primary interest being above all the final result and the joy it brought. Whether it’s the name of the team, the studio, the engine used and much more, it may all sound trivial to some. However, it is on the release date that we will focus and more particularly that of Final Fantasy IX , launched on July 7, 2000 in Japan. The last opus of the franchise on the PlayStation has therefore just celebrated its majority on Japanese soil. And what better way to mark the occasion than to pay tribute to him with the joystick in hand.

Here is our list of 3 reasons to absolutely (re) play Final Fantasy IX . If after that you are not convinced, we will have a hard time considering you as a real gamer.

The least sold

While the episode got off to a good start and received excellent critical reception, it was the worst-selling title in the saga under the PlayStation era. One possible justification being the arrival of the new generation of consoles: the cohabitation of two machines has certainly divided potential buyers on two different markets. But whatever the reason, it mostly means that a smaller number of players have tested it, an injustice to be corrected immediately. Especially since the title more than seduced the community, as evidenced by rating aggregators such as Metacritic, where players gave it an average of 9/10.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait any longer. And if you already know it, what are you waiting for to get back to it? You know it’s a fantastic experience!

FFIX is Final Fantasy!

The title sees the light of day under the close direction of Hironobu Sakaguchi, in production and supervision. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, know that it is simply the creator of the franchise. And even if the screenplay was written by Kazuhiko Aoki, it came from an idea dear to the father of the series. He declared in fact concerning this episode (some time before its marketing) that “it is about the episode closest to the vision that I have of what should be Final Fantasy “.

The man also sees it as a sort of tribute to the saga, in addition to having confided that it was his favorite episode. This particular status is all the more reinforced as this opus is the last on which Hironobu Sakaguchi will actively work, who will leave Squaresoft to found the Mystwalker studio. So we can say that if you did not play this episode, it is as if you reject the essence of the license in its entirety .

An “unpublished” side quest

A story just as entertaining as it is revealing of this time when information hardly circulated from one culture to another. During this era, it was quite common for an item known in one country to fail to travel to all countries, or to be poorly transcribed due to the language barrier. But since the advent of the internet, this is all a thing of the past, as a certain The_Kusabi proved to us in 2013.

The user of GameFAQs once posted on the forum only in a Japanese guide to FFIX (Ultimania) where it was mentioned a side quest rather difficult to notice. Nothing was more true, the event was completely unknown in our latitudes. Like what, the title can still reserve you many surprises and keeps an unprecedented part that your gamer pride can not leave unfulfilled. As for the newcomers, isn’t this an opportunity to avenge yourself for all those times when your opinion was dismissed under the sole pretext of not having surveyed these old experiences? Play it and point out to them that you certainly know the title better than they do, since you have indulged yourself in a more complete way, and humiliate them with the same disdain you have been entitled to.


Through all these elements, we hope to have convinced you, with a certain lightness, of the quality of this adventure and to have made you want to play it. Even if the party took these lines has not escaped you, Final Fantasy is nonetheless a cult episode of a mythical franchise. A timeless opus whether by its gameplay or its scenario. Once you have tasted it, you will then understand the desire to share this experience with others. And maybe you will also try to convince them in your turn, in this case, do not hesitate to refer them to this article to help you.

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